TOPIC: Architecture in Transformation—— Transformation and Reconquest

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Theme of the Competition

Theme: Architecture in Transformation

Topic: Transformation and Reconquest

Jury Chairman: Jean Nouvel

Registration Deadline: July 31, 2017

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2017

Jury Convenes: September, 2017

Analysis of Topic :The metropolis of the 21st century takes up too much room... It sprawls... It must not keep evolving simply by expanding. What vital and disruptive architectures can you come up with to transform the existing spaces of your choice?


Architecture in Transformation should respond to contemporary challenges and changes. What concerns us primarily is the relationship between architecture and environment, so as to the image of city. The competition aims at searching and constructing human space with a Spirit of Place in the increasingly fragmented cities and unordered villages, exploring environment-friendly and sustainable ideas in the information age, and integrating creative concepts with solid basic skills in architectural design. The competition requires the participants to make detailed insights and reflections on architectural history, explore complicated coordinated demands of architecture and environment, pay attention to events in specific sites, and configure viable urban and architectural spaces.


2017 marks the sixth edition of UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design, the sole annual international architecture competition for students in Mainland China that receives the support of Union International des Architects (UIA). It is a platform for global architecture students to approach the theme “Architecture in Transformation”, and for the rest of the world to check out the latest trend of Chinese architectural education. The jury members include the leading architects, deans and directors from top architecture schools. With its challenging topics, prestigious jury panel as well as professional operation, UIA-HYP Cup competition has grown to become a major student competition in China and its global profile continues to rise.


1.Individual participants and groups must agree with and follow the competition requirements and regulations. The organizing committee reserves its right of final interpretation. ;
2. Entries with words or pictures relating to the name or department of participants in the digital drawings will be disqualified from the competition. ;
3. All entries are accepted (while including author’s name) with the explicit free right of publication, reproduction, and promotional use by competition organizers and sponsors without need for further approvals. ;
4. Entries that have been submitted to other competitions, published on other public occasions or found to be similar to other works in terms of design ideas will be disqualified from the competition.;
5. Any participant that contacts jurors about the competition during the entirety of the competition process will be disqualified from the competition.