TOPIC: Architecture in Transformation—— Transformation and Reconquest

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Competition Result

This year witnesses the successful organization of the fifth UIA-HYP Cup 2017 International Student Competition in Architectural Design. A total of more than 3000 groups of students enrolled in the competition, and it ended by the Jury review hold at South China University of Technology on Sep 19th, 2017.

Jury review

Jury Group Discussion

The organization media Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine released the outstanding design works selected by the Jury committee from the entire 731 anonymous submissions, including 1 First Prize, 3 Second Prizes, 8 Third prizes, 24 Honorable Mentions and 40 Finalists.

Result list

1 First Prize
Always an Escape Tianjin University CHEN Yimin, ZHANG Shiyao, BI Xuejiao
3 Second Prizes
Trim Southeast University LIU Xing, CHEN Xu
My dear orange tree Chongqing Jiaotong University TIAN Di, ZHANG Hongmei
Back to 1953 Wuhan University of Technology WU Yongyi
8 Third Prizes
The beauty of the city ruins Tianjin University LI Pengfei, WEN Jiaxin, ZHANG Weiyu, LI Songyang
Disappearing floors South China University of Technology WEN Yingying, YANG Mingzhi, XIAO Jing
PRISON BREAKER Tianjin University HAN Wenhao, XU Ming, XU Yuan
Suspended Living Area Shenzhen University ZHOU Yuanyi, GUO Yishuang
The circumstance of death Taiwan Tamkang University LIN Weiting
Surgical Acupunctures Cornell University Helena Hang Rong
Special delivery Harbin Institute of Technology HU Xueyun, LIU Xinran
Honorable Mentions
The Epic of Chaocheng Road China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong) Shi Shupei, Cao Haotian, Zhang Xuesen
Coexist alley Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture Wang Heting, Zhang Xuan, Gong Qing, Hu Guanxian
Plant the landmark Shenyang Architecture University Yu Ge, Han Zhen, Jing Yi
homo ludens South China University of Technology Li Tianjian, Ye Lei
Dream Factory Anhui Architectural University Li Hanlin, Deng Hongyuan, Guo Zhicheng, Gao Xiang
Domestic Shadow-scape Institute of Tamkang University Huang Yuchen
The Garden of Forking Paths National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Qiu Yuanfu
Republish Chronicle of Jiangnan Shipyard-Reconstruction Of Industry Base Of Fuxing Island Tongji University Cao Bozhen, Guo Sitong, Wu Dingwen
Let Stadium Be Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology Wang Ziheng, Qi Lin, Wang Yanghai, Lu Qianyi
Reborn——The return of traditional business experience of cities under the information age Southwest Jiao Tong University Li Xiaocheng, Huang Taian, Li Jipeng, Cao Yi
“Box” shared community Southeast University Sun Yuan
Naked City——Mutual Transformed City and Building Wuhan Institute of Technology Zhu Dongxing, Chai Yingying
SHARING HOUSE Guizhou University He Yanqing
metaBOATlism University of Tokyo Siqi LI
OVERLAPPING MEMORIES Politecnico di Milano Luo Yuting、Khozhai Daria
Temperature Renewal Architecture Department of Tamkang University Luo Guangjun
Architecture In Urbanism 4.0 Feng Chia University Kai Yeh
Return to faith——The hidden temple China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) Shen Bo
Facade stage Guangxi Arts Institute Huang Zeyu, Shen Yuan
Information activation & circulation Beijing Jiaotong University Shao An, Zheng Xinran, Sun Wei
CARRIER CREMATORIUM CEMETERY Nanjing Forestry University Cai Weizhen, Hu Yunyan
Belong to the lane Guizhou University Shi Songyun, Tian Yuwei
The Wall Southwest Jiao Tong University Gao Weizhe, Pan Yifeng, Liao Jin, Wu Sihan
Memory bridge Shenyang Jianzhu University Ceng Qingjian, Deng Jie
ENGAWA ▏SPACE ▏EXPAND Shandong Jianzhu University Wang Yifei
Instant City Wall Gold Mantis School of architecture Soochow University Xie Jiaqi, Zhang Bei
Dwelling·Generation Kunming University of Science and Technology Zhu Jianfei, Ma Jieqian
Hypernature Sentosa Inhabitable Landscape for an Alternative Economy National University of Singapore Tan Wenjun
POETIC CERAMICS Hunan City College Zou Xiangjian
TheLost Land Tsinghua University HU Yiheng
SENSORY WORLD Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology Luo Yifei, Wang Yuge, and Mao Hanzhang
The Revelation of Opposites Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hao Xintian, Huang Jingzhi, Luo Zhenhong, Yang Bolang
Habitable Museum Harbin Institute of Technology Ju Xi, Wang Kaitai, Chen Mengfan, Yan Di
SE7EN Sichuan University Chen Jiayi, Tan Xiao
Monument Bridge Jilin Architectural University Sun Ziang, Zhang Xukang
Cruise ship manifesto Central South University Dai Yaqi, Zhang Ying
The light of the marginal world Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology Zhang Daozheng, Cun Ziheng
野性的呼唤——24小时自助迷你动物 Harbin Institute of Technology Luo Zhaoyang
FUNZONE :Enjoying the city Tel Aviv University Sigal Laniado, Nir Yehoshafat, Orit Pinchas
Waste Transit Hub - Rebuilding the Way We Build Things Universitas Indonesia Nadia Amira
THE REVIVE OF RUIN— RUIN PARK IN HAVANA VIEJA, CUBA Delft University of Technology Sun Quan
SIEZE BACK THE FOREST Sichuan University Zu Xiaoyi, Fu Deyang, Yang Zehui
YESTERDAY ONCE MORE Zhengzhou University Hong Guowei, Yang Liu, Qi Yuxiang
Patch the habitat and wander School of architecture, Chang'an University Li Mengyao, Lu Kaiyu, Gao Xian, Chen Hong
Return to Spiritual Home ——Community Regeneration from the Workers' Village to Literal Garden Tianjin Chengjian University Ren Yuan, Lai Ruolin, Han Taoyu
Inverted city novel Sichuan University Zhu Keyu, Zhao Xue
Ideal Primary School Design Tianjin University Hou Weichang, Cheng Tan
Casting Monumentality Taiwan University of science and technology Zhang Boyun
Interstice apartment WuHan University Yu Haoran
Floating City Tsinghua University Xiao Yuting
The ablation of business Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College Ji Hao, Jiang Yutian
CITY MENDED Nanhua University He Siyuan, Zhao Shaopei, Zhang Fengjie, An Dongze
Periphery: Instructions for the future Ufa State Petroleum Technological University RASUL RANGULOV, Almira Gaimeletdinova
CITY IN METABOLISM Tianjin University Zhou Junliang, Peng Cheng, Dan Yuyang
Sharing Life School of architecture and urban planning, Kunming University of Science and Technology YANG hao
Urban Forest Hebei University of Engineering Li Ling, Wu Qiming, Zheng Tao
absence and interaction Shandong Jianzhu University Li Boheng, Cui Lin, Kong Liran, Chen Yu
PARADISE LOST Guangdong University of Technology Liang Junjie, Liang Jiawei
Time line in the lane Wuhan University of Technology XIA Jinming, Zhang Xinting
ARRIVAL CITY North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power Wang Meng, Chen, Dong Changshu, Ji Shu with Sijin
OVERFLOWING BOX North China University of Technology Meng Ningning, Ju Jingmeng, Xiang Bin, Zhao Bing
Flow as water Chongqing University Lin Yongbo, Li Yanxi, Sha Yueer
OVERDCT Gold Mantis School of architecture Soochow University Pan Jiamin, Wang Yahao, Liang Yuqi

All these 76 pieces of conceptual design interpret the topic “Transformation and Reconquest” in specifically creative way, which reflects the emerging and established thinking of younger architects, offering extraordinary approaches to current architecture design.

The first prize is achieved by Chen Yimin, Zhang Shiyao, Bi Xuejiao from School of Architecture, Tianjin University, their works is “隐于市 (Always an Escape)”.

Panel of 隐于市 (Always an Escape)

Illustrator: For thousands of years, Chinese people have never stopped longing for nature. They escaped from the crowds, lived in seclusion, or even gave up fame and wealth. In the Chinese context, ‘mountain’ is the most primitive and natural state. The mountain represents all things in the world and is the origin of the worship of heaven and earth.

The mountain is regarded by Chinese as a dwelling place for the immortals, and is entirely different from the secular and spiritual existence.

However, the problem is that in the city similar to sophisticated machines, boundaries of cities expand indefinitely. While the trees and grasses have long been relegated to urban civilization. Even in the shade of trees, the ‘reinforced concrete forest’ constantly reminds people of the existence of the city, which makes people unaware of the nature. Citizens have even forgotten their instinct on pursuing nature.

Therefore, we hope to create a pure land in the city, the land shielded from the sight. We give people a spiritual sustenance by arousing people's perception of nature. We give the building two distinct faces. Towards the city, we involve a pure square concrete box into the city filled with ‘box building’, making it unlike the building deliberately in a natural-form pursuit.

While inside the building, the facade is covered with rough rock, forming an original ‘mountain’ texture by combining them irregularly. At the same time, the white boxes are embedded in the rock, implying the existence of exterior cities.

UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design is a platform for global architecture students to approach the theme “Architecture in Transformation”, and for the rest of the world to check out the latest trend of Chinese architectural education.

UIA-HYP Cup 2017 International Student Competition in Architectural Design is supported by Union of International Architects (UIA), hosted by School of Architecture, South China University of Technology and Urban Environment Design(UED)Magazine Press. The co-hosting organization is School of Architecture, Tsinghua University;College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University;School of Architecture, Southeast University; School of Architecture, South China University of Technology; Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University; School of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology.

Advising Institutions include Chinese National Supervision Committee of Higher Architecture Education; Chinese National Evaluation Committee of Higher Architecture Education; Architecture Art Committee of China Artists Association


Transformation and Reconquest

The metropolis of the 21st century takes up too much room... It sprawls... It must not keep evolving simply by expanding. What vital and disruptive architectures can you come up with to transform the existing spaces of your choice?

Jury Chairman:

Jean Nouvel, Famous French Architect;the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate

Executive Jury Chairman:

Cui Kai, UIA Representative; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Chinese Architecture Design Master

Jury Members:

Zhuang Weimin, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University Ilaria Valente, Dean of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Li Zhenyu, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Peter Russell, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delf University of Technology

Han Dongqing Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of School of Architecture, Southeast University

Manabu CHIBA, Vice-President of The University of Tokyo; Professor Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Zhang Qi, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean of School of Architecture, Tianjin University Ole Gustavsen, Rector of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Sun Yimin, Dean of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology Qi Xin, Chief Architect of Qixin Architects and Engineers

Peng Lixiao, Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine; Guest Professor of the School of Architecture, Tianjin University; Director of CBC(China Building Centre)

Zhao Kai, Executive Director, General Manager and Design Director of Shanghai HYP-ARCH Architectural Design Consultant CO., LTD.

Organizing Committee

Chairman: Kong Yuhang, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Dean of the School of Architecture, Tianjin University


Liu Qing, Executive Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine

Cheng Li, Executive Director, Vice-General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Shanghai HYP-ARCH Architectural Design Consultant CO., LTD.

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